Privacy Policy and the use of cookie files

Privacy Policy and the use of cookie files

Privacy Policy Certificate

1. General information

  1. The operator of website and the Administrator of personal data as defined in Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals in relation to with the processing of personal data and on the free flow of such data and the repeal of Directive 95/46 / EC (General Data Protection Regulation - "GDPR") collected and processed using the website is Urszula Bartosiak Instytut Tradycji Narodowej with ofice at Wodynie (address: 08-117, Wodynie, ul. Serocka 14) , entered into the National Court Register kept by the District Court for the capital city of Warsaw, XII Commercial Division under the number 0000653630, VAT No: 8212651344, REGON (Statistical number): 36614089.
  2. In order to protect the website's data, Urszula Bartosiak Instytut Tradycji Narodowej applies data protection rules resulting in particular from the provisions of the GDPR, including technical and organizational measures ensuring adequate protection of processed data in relation to threats and categories of data protected, and in particular protects Users' personal data against unauthorized access, loss or damage.
  3. The website handles the functions of capturing data about the Users and their behavior through:
    • a. information entered voluntarily in forms,
    • b. saving cookie files (so-called "cookies") on end devices used to visit the Website ,
    • c. the collection of logs of the web server by the hosting operator.

2. Personal data

  1. Simply browsing the content of the Website does not require the User to provide his personal data.
  2. In the use of the Website's functionality, the User may be asked to provide personal data concerning him regarding the relevant forms.
  3. Providing the data indicated in the forms is voluntary, but without providing them, it may not be possible to use the Website in terms of the functionalities that require it.
  4. The collected personal data concerning the User may be used for the following purposes:
    • a. enable the User to use the Website function, contact and most importantly the implementation of the provisions of the agreement regulating the terms of cooperation / purchase in accordance with art. 6 par. 1 point (b) GDPR;
    • b. creating statements, analyzes, statistics for internal needs, covering in particular reporting, marketing research, planning services development, development works in systems, creation of statistical models in accordance with art. 6 par. 1 point (f) GDPR - legally justified interest.
  5. The User's data will be processed and stored for the time necessary to process them. In case of processing personal data on the basis of the consent given by the User, the processing time will depend on the duration of the consent, i.e. until it is canceled or opposition to the processing. After the deadlines have expired, the data will be archived and not used outside the purpose of investigation, defense or mutual settlement until the statute of limitations in accordance with art. 6 par. 1 point (f) GDPR
  6. The Website does not carry out automatic processing - profiling within the meaning of the GDPR, involving the use of personal data provided by the User to assess some of the personal factors, in particular to analyze or forecast its economic situation, personal preferences, credibility and behavior of the User.
  7. Due to the processing of the User's data, he has specific rights. Each Website User has the right to:
    • a. inspect your personal data and obtain information, including about the purpose, scope and manner of their processing and information about recipients of the data;
    • b. correct and complete incomplete data or delete them;
    • c. requests for temporary or permanent suspension of data processing
    • d. or opposition to processing;
    • f. lodging a complaint to the supervisory body regarding the protection of personal data;
    • g. if the User's data is processed on the basis of consent, he may additionally use the right to withdraw his consent to the processing of data at any time - this withdrawal, however, does not affect the compliance of the processing before it is made;
    • h. if the User's data are processed on the basis of consent or as part of the service provided (data is necessary for the purpose of providing the service), the User may additionally use the right to transfer data concerning him.

3. Information on cookie files.

  1. In accordance with Article 173 of the Act of 16 July 2004, Telecommunication law, the Website uses cookie files.
  2. The cookie files, so-called "cookies", represent the IT data, in particular text files, that are stored on the Website User’s end service and their purpose is to be available during visits in the Website. Cookie files usually include the name of the web page they come from, the retention time on the end device and their unique number.
  3. The entity that saves cookie files on the User's end device and receives access to them is the Website Operator.
  4. Cookie files may be used for the following purposes:
    • a. creation of statistic data used to help to understand, how Users browse the Website pages, which allows the Operator to improve their structure and content,
    • b. maintaining the session of the registered Website User (after logon), so that the User does not need to enter their username and password on each page of the Website,
    • c. defining the User's profile to display individually selected materials in ad network ,
    • d. adaptation of the content of the Website pages to specific User preferences and optimizing them in order to adapt to the individual needs of the User.
  5. Four main types of cookie files are used within the Website:
    • a. "session" - files that are stored on the User’s end device of the logged User until logging out from the Website, leaving the Website or exiting the software, i.e. the web browser,
    • b. "fixed" - files stored on the User’s end device for the time specified in the parameters of the cookie files or until removing them by the User,
    • c. “necessary" - files that enable the use of the services available within the Website,
    • d. "performance" - files that enable collecting information about what the User does in the Website.
  6. Software used to browse web pages i.e. web browser, by default allows to store cookie files on the User’s end device, however Users can make changes in settings or delete the files from the device at any time. For details see the help or documentation of the User's web browser.
  7. It should be noted that the restrictions of use of cookie files may negatively impact on some functions available on the Website pages.
  8. Cookie files stored on the User’s end device can also be used advertisers and partners cooperating with the Service Operator. For that purpose the Operator may retain information about the navigation path of the User or the time spent each page.
  9. If the User does not wish to receive cookie files, they should change the settings of the web browser. However, disabling cookie files needed for the authentication process, safety or maintaining the User preferences may impede, and in extreme cases even prevent, the use of the Website.

4. Server logs

  1. Information on some Users’ activities subject to logging in the server layer. These data are used only for the administration of the Website and in order to ensure the most efficient operation of services hosted by their supplier.
  2. Reviewed resources are identified by URLs (Uniform Resource Locator) - unified format of resource addressing. In addition the following can be saved:
    • a. the time of receiving the arrival,
    • b. the time of sending the reply,
    • c. client’s station name - identification handled by the HTTP protocol,
    • d. information about errors that occurred during HTTP transaction handling,
    • e. the URL of the web page previously visited by the User (referer link) - when the transition to the Website was f. through the link,
    • g. information about the User’s web browser,
    • h. information about the IP address of the end device.
  3. The data referred to in point 2 are associated with particular persons viewing the pages and are used only for the purposes of server administration.

5. Sharing data

  1. The data collected using the Website are made available to external entities only within the limits defined by law. In the case of use of this Website by the User in a manner inconsistent with the rules, the Service Operator may process the User data to the extent necessary to identify the liability of the User resulting from the provisions of law in an appropriate range.
  2. Data allowing the identification of a natural person (personal data) shall be made available only with the consent of that person or within the limits allowed by law.
  3. The Operator may have the obligation to provide the information collected by the Website to approved bodies on the basis of the legitimate requests.

6. Final provisions

  1. The Operator shall use the best effort to provide the data collected using the Website with the highest level of protection against unauthorized access, modification or deletion.
  2. The Operator constantly monitors the status of the security of the Website and responds to any external threats. In the event of an incorrect functioning of the Website the User has the option to report this status to the Operator by using the data from the "Contact" tab or by contacting the designated Data Protection Officer at