Below we present selected references of users of NanoBeauty products.

Users of our products who apply them in accordance with their intended purpose, by using their innovations or as advised by their physicians or cosmetologists write about curious effects and we have the pleasure to present their stories with their approval:

I have applied Nanoserum NanoBeauty for 3 weeks. After a few applications I noticed that the skin on my face is more toned and clarified. On the third week of Nanoserum application I noticed that the number of wrinkles on my forehead were reduced and the so-called crow's feet became less visible. I have an impression that the facial hair is harder and stuck in the skin.

I started using Nanoserum at the age of fifty. For many years I worked as a hospital nurse in night shifts, often under a lot of stress and exposed to cigarette smoke from people smoking nearby. All these factors left sediment on my skin which reflected on my lifestyle. Two vertical furrows running from my neck to my chest were most visible. They were thick and noticeable, and they discouraged me from wearing clothes with a low neckline. It was quite troublesome in the summer. Regular Nanoserum application considerably improved the look of my face; existing wrinkles became shallower and my face brightened. However, the biggest success of this product is the permanent reduction of furrows in my neckline. It makes me feel well and improves my mood because I have to take care of my looks as a woman above 50.

I am 55 and I have sought the solution to my problems with my complexion for a long time. The acne rosacea I suffered left traces in the form of widened blood capillaries. I started the treatment of Nanoserum produced by For Health company, and in the beginning my skin was more purified. This period was difficult for me because I expected immediate effects, but instead I saw frequent occurrences of eczema. However, positive effects soon occurred. Now it is difficult for me to go without Nanoserum. My face is smooth, moistened and my small wrinkles have disappeared. I observe changes on my skin all the time. I feel that part of the small capillaries have been sealed. Thank you for this product!

I am 55 and I take care of my looks as every woman would at any age. Unfortunately, the passage of time make some parts of our body not look in the way we want. I have a problem with breasts. Nanoserum of For Health company helped me with that. One click suffice for two breasts. I applied it in the morning and evening, after a bath. I noticed a change after several days. Breasts became well-toned and firm. I am happy to find a simple, quick and effective solution to my complexes!