Skin Care Line

Skin Care Line

Skin Preparation Line

The basic condition for effective care is proper skin preparation for absorption of active ingredients. Skin Preparation Line is our solution. It provides deep and effective cleansing of the skin, toning and restoration of the natural pH. Precisely removes old sebum and cosmetics remnants. Thanks to the content of silver and gold nanoparticles, it penetrates all layers of the skin, disinfects it and prepares it for the adoption of new nutrients, increasing the effectiveness of subsequent treatments.

NanoBeauty Skin Preparation Line


Professional liquid for makeup removal and deep cleansing of the skin

1st step in daily care
Proper skin care starts with cleansing. The complex of nanoLotion micellar ingredients ensures thorough cleansing of skin pores and it's deep support layers. It disinfects pathogens (fungi, bacteria, viruses) and effectively removes make-up remnants, including synthetic dyes and fragrance esters of perfumes and cosmetics. It eliminates the effect of allergens. Completely non-allergenic composition does not irritate and is gentle in contact with any type of skin.


Professional liquid for toning the skin of the face, cleavage and body

2nd step in daily care
Properly cleaned skin requires hydration and nutrition. The nanoToner ensures proper hydration, velvetisation and supports the depigmenting effect of the nanoSerum line. Regular use of the tonic increases the effectiveness of other cosmetics, activating a deeper and stronger absorption of their nutrients. It is also recommended for proper skin preparation for cosmetic procedures, even in the field of invasive aesthetic medicine treatments.

nanoSerum Line

The nanoSerum line is a series of dermocosmetics designed on the basis of many years of research on precious metal nanoparticles and their application in cosmetology. It includes three products for face and cleavage, the whole body and intensive local regeneration. Thanks to the use of unique nanotechnology, the nanoSerum line guarantees effective biological renewal at the cellular level of the epidermis and deep support layers of the skin, which has been confirmed by studies carried out under dermatological control.*

NanoSerum TotalBody

nanoSerum Total Body

Serum for daily care of total body

3rd step in daily care
Daily body care in the form of intensively rejuvenating serum, which supports skin biological renewal. It strengthens the natural processes of self-cleaning and regeneration, restores firmness and elasticity. The synergy of nanotechnology works effectively reduces stretch marks and reduces their visibility. Protects the structure of collagen fibers of the skin and improves its color. The exceptionally light formula provides immediate absorption and a feeling of comfort, eliminating the impression of roughness.

NanoSerum Classic

nanoSerum Classic

Serum for face, cleavage and bust

4th step in daily care
The delicate skin of the face, cleavage and bust requires careful care with an active anti-aging effect. Classic Serum intensively brightens and eliminates discoloration, restoring healthy and radiant look to the skin. It has a rejuvenating effect by effectively smoothing wrinkles, increasing flexibility and improving facial contours. It protects the structure of collagen fibers of the skin and accelerates their regeneration. The skin regains its firmness, vitality and adequate level of hydration.

NanoSerum Spetrum

nanoSerum Spectrum

Serum with extremely intense local effects

5th step in daily care
A point serum designed to repair local lesions and micro skin injuries. Eliminates visible discoloration and pigmentation changes, accelerates skin regeneration. The Spectrum serum also provides for the reduction of wrinkles and the care of the delicate skin around the eyes. The use of four time amount of gold and silver nanoparticles and a precise form of application guarantee high efficiency in daily care and skin regeneration after invasive aesthetic medicine treatments.

* All cosmetics applications were confirmed dermatologically in volunteer research by the DERMI-TEST Cosmetics Research Center.