NanoBeauty Products

NanoBeauty Products

Dermoceutics of NanoBeauty

Skin Care Line

A line of dermocosmetics containing gold and silver nanoparticles for daily biogenic skin regeneration.

Skin Care Line is a series of dermocosmetics, intended for everyday comprehensive skin care. It is especially recommended for sensitive, allergic and atopic skin. Regenerates tired skin and removes signs of aging.

An innovative formula based on the action of metallic gold and silver nanoparticles. Acting transdermally, it penetrates the epidermal barrier. It transports active substances, such as hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10, collagen, nucleic acids, minerals, vitamin C, into deep support layers of the skin, enhancing the effects of these ingredients many times.

Medi Line

Physical medicine for people of all ages.

Medi Line is a series of products from physical medicine of the 21st century, which may support other pro-health therapies. They use the positive effect of metal nanoparticles on living tissues of the body. By supporting the metabolism of cells and tissues, they can lead to the recovery of homeostasis and functional balance of the whole organism.

Medi Line products are especially recommended as a support for other natural therapies, including herbal medicine, supplementation, magnetostimulation, broadly understood pro-health prophylaxis and sports medicine.

NanoBeauty Medi Line