Product Safety

Product Safety

Certificates confirming the safety of NanoBeauty products

Regulation No 1223/2009 on the notification of cosmetics in the register of Cosmetics Products Notification Portal, in article 16 on the notification of nanoparticle materials and the manual on the introduction of nanoparticle components in the authorization system for CPNP base determines the reference number in the above mentioned CPNP base as a part of the intellectual value of the author and/or producer. Due to the above, the mentioned number is subject to protection with an absolute ban on revealing it in materials available to the public and a ban on its placement on packaging, labels and informative and advertisement materials.

Giving the above the number confirms the legality and safety of using NanoBeauty products.

Specialist dermetological tests on probants confirm the effectiveness of NanoBeauty products

All cosmetic applications were confirmed dermatologically in volunteer research by DERMI-TEST - Regional Science and Technology Park.

The study confirms the very high efficiency of NanoBeauty products.

Reduction of signs of fatigue

80% of women were rated very well, and 20% of probants rated well

Smoothing wrinkles

80% of women rated well, and 20% of women very well

Skin elasticity

90% of women rated well, and 10% very good

Skin regeneration

90% of women rated well, 10% very good and 10% correct

Skin care

All examined women confirmed that the product perfectly cares for the skin and makes it smooth and velvet.

Imperfections of the skin

During the tests, women confirmed that the preparation makes skin imperfections less visible.

The glow and appearance of the skin

Women confirmed that the serum gives the skin a radiant and healthy look

Refreshing the skin

In the assessment of all individuals, serum refreshes the skin very well

The serum is very well tolerated in all cases examined