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Natural beauty is a feature of healthy skin. Its appearance depends on the condition of deep support layers and other internal tissues. The use of our dermocosmetics guarantees the recovery of effective skin biological renewal and stopping its aging resulting from the unhealthy lifestyle and the harmful effects of the damaged natural environment. NanoBeauty’s dermocosmetics have documented specialist tests confirming their therapeutic effect.

Nanotechnology from the future is available today

Nanotechnology from the future is available today

Our mission is to design, manufacture and supply you, without unnecessary intermediaries, professional dermocosmetics at the best price. We were the first in Europe to develop a technology for the production of safe gold nanoparticles Au (nano), silver Ag (nano), zinc ZnO (nano) and silicon SiO2 (nano). This allows you to safely use them at home, while maintaining a few times a lower price and extremely short delivery time. Yes, nanotechnology at your home for everyday use.

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Physical medicine that will take care of your health and beauty

A unique series of professional care cosmetics based on the unique properties of nanoparticles: Au gold (nano), Ag silver (nano), ZnO zinc (nano) and SiO2 silicon (nano) with the synergistic effect of organic silicon (monomethylsilanetriol), vitamin C ( L-ascorbic acid), stem cell nucleic acidsand, pharmaceutical collagen, hyaluronic acid other specialized ingredients.

NanocosmeticsClinically Tested
Physical medicine that will take care of your health and beauty

Gold on your skin

The action of gold and silver nanoparticles depends on physical, not chemical, interactions with living skin cells and its deep support layers. They trigger self-healing and biological regeneration processes that eliminate the causes of accelerated aging. Nanoparticles restore everyone’s youthful appearance and repair the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle.

Reviews of nanocosmetics

What Our Customers Say

  • I used it in the morning and evening after bathing. After a few days I noticed the change. The breasts became firm and elastic. I am happy that I found a simple, quick and effective solution to my complexes.


    Elizabeth, 55 y.o.
  • I have been using Nanoserum NanoBeauty for 3 weeks. Afterjust a fewuses, I noticed that the skin of the face is more tense and bright. In the third week of using Nanoserum, I noticed a reduction in wrinkles. They are less visible from week to week.

    Eve, 29 y.o.
  • In the second week of using the Nanoserum Classic I noticed the disappearance of wrinkles and the smoothness of the skin.  After 8 weeks, I got rid of stretchmarksallover my body.

    Madeline, 33 y.o.

Dermaceutics, professional cosmetics for home use, which can change your life!